Over 30 percent of people have a home improvement project they have been putting off for at least 12 months. 

If you are ready to stop making excuses and get that home improvement project done, there is no better time than right now, especially if you need to remove wallpaper from a room first.

Professionals, like Brush Masters, make wallpaper removal as painless and easy as possible. 

We have outlined the specific reasons why you need to trust professionals to remove your wallpaper in your home rather than taking on the project by yourself. Keep reading to learn more! 

Do You Really Need to Remove Wallpaper?

Are you thinking about remodeling or renovating a room or two in your home? Are you trying to get it done in the most cost-effective and fastest way possible? 

If you have any walls covered in pesky wallpaper, you may be tempted to just paint right over it with a fresh coat of paint. You may not want to take on the hassle of removing the wallpaper at all. 

You need to stop right there. If you plan on changing the color of your walls at all with paint or other types of wallpaper, you must remove any existing wallpaper. 

If you do not remove wallpaper, any new paint will not go on smoothly. The paint will be more prone to cracking and peeling as the wallpaper gets older. Any texture will become visible through the paint. 

If you want a clean and professional-looking feel, you must remove any wallpaper prior to renovating, remodeling, or repainting. 

What Is the Best Way to Remove Wallpaper?

There are several methods for removing wallpaper safely. To start, you want to check to see if the wallpaper was the only thing originally applied to the wall. 

If there is paint underneath the wallpaper or if the paint was applied over the wallpaper all make a difference in how it can be removed safely. Through a mix of specialized tools, chemicals, and steam, the wallpaper will come off. 

However, the best way to remove wallpaper by far is to hire a team of professionals so that the wall underneath does not get damaged in the process and you do not have to deal with any harsh chemicals. 

What Type of Wallpaper Removal Tool Does Brush Masters Use?

Professionals like Brush Masters use specialized tools to remove wallpaper from a wall’s surface without damaging the drywall underneath. 

These wallpaper removal tools can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find. In addition to hand tools, oftentimes chemical solvents are needed to effectively remove wallpaper. Purchasing these specialized tools and chemicals to remove the wallpaper yourself can quickly add up more than what it would cost to hire professionals.

What’s really nice, is that when you hire professionals to remove your wallpaper, they also clean up all of the mess. This is an added bonus to you, as you do not have to worry about any clean-up after the job is done.

What Happens When You Try to Remove Wallpaper by Yourself?

There are many people that like to tackle any DIY challenge they can get their hands on, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. You may be tempted to search “how to remove wallpaper” when you want to get started on the project right away. 

However, you should be warned that if not done properly, removing wallpaper by yourself can cause lasting damage to the walls of your home. 

Wallpaper not removed by professionals can leave dents, scratches, and other grooves in the drywall. 

Removing wallpaper that was applied with a lot of adhesive can even rip right through the sheetrock of the wall. This exposes the brown paper and insulation underneath the wall. 

This all could leave you with a much more expensive project than when you started. 

What’s the Benefit of Hiring Professionals to Remove Wallpaper?

There are many benefits to having professionals like Brush Masters take care of your wallpaper removal needs. As mentioned, these benefits include things like major time- and cost-savings, reducing the likelihood of damaging your walls, and more.

But a secret benefit of hiring a professional for wallpaper removal is that you get the added bonus of interior design advice

When looking to hire a professional home improvement company for wallpaper removal services, look to see what additional services they provide. The best ones will offer a free design consultation. 

Free design services can help bring a room to its full design potential once the wallpaper is removed. It also saves you on the costs of consulting with a separate interior designer. 

Call Brush Masters Today for Wallpaper Removal Services

Trends come and go, but wallpaper has lasted through the ages. Whether or not you are remodeling an older home or want to remove wallpaper you put up yourself, removing old and outdated wallpaper can turn into a much bigger problem if not handled correctly.

Avoid the hassle and mess of removing wallpaper yourself and hire professional wallpaper removal services. If you are located in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area and are in need of wallpaper removal services, be sure to give us a call here at Brush Masters. 

We are an industry-leading home improvement company. Brush Masters provide expert-level attention, detail, and care to each and every home improvement project we take on. In addition to wallpaper removal services, we provide interior and exterior painting, as well as custom projects for both residential and commercial properties. Visit our website today to get a free estimate on your next home project.