Looking to paint a high wall? When it comes to painting high walls, it’s all about safety and using the correct gear. You don’t want to rush through this job and risk a major accident.


First thing’s first: it’s important to go slow and be cautious in order to do a good job. Speed will follow later.


3 Easy Steps To Painting a High Wall


1. Getting the Room Ready


Preparation is essential for any paint job.


To begin, cover the flooring with drop cloths. On one hand, when painting standard-height walls, we recommend using a four-foot-wide drop cloth to catch drips. Now when painting high walls, the drops can travel further, therefore you should use a six-foot-wide drop cloth.


After that, tape off the trim and prepare the walls for painting.


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3. Cutting in the Ceiling


When painting high walls, the most difficult step is cutting into the ceiling. You must climb high enough to reach the area where the walls meet the ceiling with a paintbrush.


For large, open areas, we recommend using a normal 16-foot extension ladder. A 16-foot ladder should comfortably allow you to reach 20 feet. If you feel anxious on the ladder, have another person hold the bottom of the ladder while you are at the top to keep it firm. This adds an added layer of security.


If you don’t have enough room for an extension ladder, a multi-ladder like the Little Giant is ideal for painting high walls.


When cutting in the ceilings, ensure that you brush down a minimum of 6′′, preferably 8′′. Because you’ll most likely be rolling the walls with an extension pole while standing on the floor, you’ll require plenty of space to avoid hitting the ceiling with your paint roller.


3. Rolling the Walls


When rolling the walls, you have two choices. Begin by bringing your roller up the ladder, rolling a small section, descending the ladder, dipping your roller into the paint, and going back up the ladder. This process must be repeated until the wall is complete.


However, the better option is to get a high-quality extension pole for your roller.


This allows you to reach the top of your walls without repeatedly climbing up and down the ladder.


Voilá! Now you know how to safely paint the high walls of your property. If this all sounds too challenging to do on your own, you can always hire professions like us here at Brushmasters. We guarantee it’ll be a thorough job well done.