Your living room pairs with your kitchen as the heart of your home. You have guests over, watch sports, and enjoy the company of your home in the living room. Unfortunately, not every homeowner’s living room pops. Here are some tips from our experts at BrushMastersXP to give your home a bit more flair, add some new colors, and become the standout on the block.


Which Characteristics Standout in Your Living Room?

When you enter your living room, some characteristics stand out. Whether it be the furniture, artwork, layout, or any number of other characteristics. Use this to your advantage, and take it as a starting point for reenvisioning your living room. There will be a fair few things you want to change, but others need to stay the same. Keep what’s working as long as possible.


Furniture’s Relationship with Interior Painting

When choosing the furniture for your living room, the color pairings are going to be really important. These will have to work in tandem in order to give your living room vibrance and heart. Without strong furniture choices and the perfect color scheme pairings, your room’s going to fall flat. However, you can avoid this with planning out your process and taking your remodeling project one step at a time. That way, there’s no stone left unturned when you’re exploring different layouts.


Windows and Doors

Aside from furniture and the artwork you choose, the windows and doors need to have a perfect pairing as well. This includes the carpentry work on the frames, clean and durable glass, and strong style choices.


Artwork and the Interior Paint

Your artwork contributes to the room’s aesthetics as well. If you’re going for darker tone paints, then the artwork should reflect that. Same with pastel colors and lighter additions.


How does the Living Room Pair with the Exterior Painting?

While they may seem unrelated, they aren’t. Your exterior painting is equally important to the interior painting of your home. Colors, aesthetics, how the paint completes the room. In most cases, homeowners have purchased their home and left the same paint job as when they first bought it. This does nothing to build value for the home. It doesn’t make the home yours, and the exterior feels even less connected to the interior.

Look to the Neighborhood for Inspiration

Chances are, your neighborhood has at least one standout on the block. A home that sets itself apart and looks perfect in your eyes. What is this home doing well? What makes it different? There could be any number of things. Siding, the style of the frames around the windows, or the paint job itself. All of these little factors create cohesion in the home to stylize and set your home to a standard.

Try New Styles with Your Living Room

This can get expensive when picking furniture. Fortunately, you can rework the rest of the room around your paint color choices much more easily.

Carpentry and Window Frames

As the accents of your living room, your carpentry has to be absolutely perfect. These tones can make a huge difference in how the room looks and feels. Additionally, higher quality pieces of wood and materials you



You also don’t want to lose the functionality of your living room. Some homeowners will get a little too involved with their design layout and start to lose the sense of what the room is meant to accomplish. For example, going for a minimalist look is tricky. You want to keep it clean, but you also don’t want to go so minimal that the room loses its functionality. Avoid this by staying on track with what must-have features the room needs. A studio sound system with speakers, instrument lay-ins, beautiful rug areas with open space, and more. Whichever of these must-have features sticks out the most, make sure you keep those functioning.


Color Schemes

Again, returning to color schemes, the colors you choose and how they play off of each other are really tough to get right. But they’re absolutely necessary. The colors of a room decide the entire tone and what guests will feel when they enter. For example, pairing rustic wooden furniture with lighter pastel colors is very rarely going to work. Of course, you can make any style work if you try hard enough. However, it usually isn’t worth it. Find colors and furniture that work well across the board. Getting tied to a certain piece of furniture or color of the room is very rarely worth adjusting the entire room around. Although, if you have the budget and are dead set on it, it’s worth a try.


Create Your New Living Room Today!


Overall, give us a call to assist you in your interior painting work and find the perfect layout for your living room. We’ll give you a paint job that pops and sets your home apart. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!