When you are planning a remodel, finding the right pairings for colors in your home can have a massive impact on the tone of your home. Pastel colors, darker wood finishes, and stone colors all have a place in home design, it just depends on where. Here are a few tips to prepare you to have the right color palette for your new home remodel.

Question to ask: what is the room’s purpose?

When painting an interior, there’s a lot more that’s taken into account. Exterior panels and home design is a lot simpler to prepare for, while the interior can be a lot more demanding. To decide, a perfect place to start is the intention of the room.

Living rooms – As a shared space, this is likely where guests will determine the mood of the home. With a more open space with lots of room for a common area, pastel colors may be the better choice.

Bedrooms – This is where to let the kids run a little wild, and allow each individual in the home to have a little freedom. Unless you are looking for a very specific style, each room can be done very uniquely here.

Bathrooms – Most bathroom colors should be paired with the tile arrangement. Tiles are extremely common in most bathrooms, which is why the style choice of the colors are so important. Take into account when choosing the tile how they’ll be impacted by the colors of the bathroom.

If you want there to be a certain class and respect to the living room, a wooden finish may be best. Take into account how you intend to layout the furniture as well, and how the furniture is going to work in with colored aesthetic.


Should I paint the interior all myself?

Painting the interior can be a do-it-yourself job. With experience, an entire room can be finished within a day or two when done correctly. However, professional assistance will drastically expedite the process.

Along with a quicker completion date, professional consultation allows for ideas to be bounced around for the homeowner. In this extra time, you can decide if the colors you chose are truly right for your home, with feedback as well.

How will my interior color choices affect the exterior?

For the most part, your color choices on the interior have minimal impact on the exterior. Unless going for a highly stylized choice, the interior is a separate space for you to be creative. Allow the house to become a home, connecting to you stylistically and as a homeowner.

To get started, contact us at Brushmasters XP today to get an estimate. We’ll learn more about your project, your vision, and what you expect of your home in the long term. We will use our many years of experience to help you find the best colors for your remodel.