Commercial painting contractors come in all shapes and sizes.

House painting, whether it’s detailed interior work or a complete repainting of the exterior of your home, is a job that needs to be done right the first time. But there are literally dozens of painting contractors to choose from, and finding the right one can be a dizzying proposition. You can find the one that’s right for your business by looking for these five qualities.


The best way to find a painting contractor is to consult with people who’ve used them. If you have friends who’ve hired painting contractors in the past, ask them about their experience and who they’d recommend for your home.

Word of mouth is often a painting contractor’s most valuable form of advertising, and those who do the best job often get the best word of mouth.

Online Reviews

Reviews on the Internet do have to be taken with a slight grain of salt: There are two sides to every story, after all. When it comes to online reviews, trust your gut: If a review feels honest to you, trust it.

A painting contractor with a generally good reputation on the Internet will generally also be the painting contractor to trust in real life, as well.

Good Answers to Interview Questions

While you can’t hold them on the phone for an hour, any painting contractor interested in your business will take a moment to ask you a few questions about what you need and answer a few of your own.

Be sure to ask the following questions of your painting contractor:
Are you insured and bonded?
Do you have the proper licenses?
How long have you been working as a painting contractor?
Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?
Do you have any references?

It can’t be overstated, how important it is to make sure that you’re hiring an licensed painter. It’s also a good idea to reconsider hiring any contractor who does more than paint; otherwise, the chances are that your painter today was replacing shingles yesterday and will be pouring concrete tomorrow. By contrast, our painters have years of daily experience with just painting, which means you’ll get the best possible paint job.


Good References from Satisfied Customers
Most painting contractors will have references from satisfied customers. So, take a moment to check on those references: Give the person a call, and chat about their experience for a few minutes.

Detailed Estimate

As the last step, be sure to get an estimate from your prospective painting contractor. Speak personally to the person who will be performing the work, with the questions and considerations outlined in this article in mind. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to ask informed questions, and you’ll be able to tell from their answers if the company is right for the job. It’s worth noting that these are just going to be estimated: the actual cost could be higher or lower depending on several factors. But getting an idea of what you’ll spend will be an important deciding factor.