Looking to give your home a stylish refresh? It’s time to give your space a new look with a few pops of color and new design elements. Sure, you could paint your walls a new shade to transform the room.

But how about taking a step outside the box? The room’s four walls aren’t your only option when it comes to adding some color. Have you ever considered painting your tray ceilings for an unexpected feature?

This is an especially great idea if you have a stunning detail like a tray ceiling. Here are ten tray ceilings painting inspiration to try in your home.

1. Continue Your Wall Color

Love the color of your walls? Why stop at the wall when you can carry the color all the way up to the ceiling? One of the benefits of painting a tray ceiling the same colors as your walls is cohesiveness.

Paint the tray ceiling leaving the molding as an accent. This style can help pull the eye upwards, giving the appearance that your walls are taller than they actually are and accentuate the tray detail of your ceiling.

2. Decorative Molding and Tray Walls

Want to add a detail that’s unique but subtle? Try painting the molding or the walls of the tray ceiling instead of the entire ceiling. This little pop of color will give a layered effect to the ceiling.

Leave the ceiling and the tray ceiling a neutral color to get the most contrast from the style. You can paint these details with the same color as the walls or a complementing color.

3. Go for a Pattern or Mural

Wondering how to paint a tray ceiling if subtle isn’t for you? If you want to go a little bolder when it comes to tray ceiling ideas, you can use the ceiling to show off a pattern or a mural.

This is a great way to add visual interest and show off your unique design style.

The mural can be as busy or as simple as you like, using lots of colors or only a few depending on your preferences. This style is great for bedrooms and living rooms, where bold designs are appreciated.

4. Painted and Stained Wood

If you like a more rustic look or some texture in your home, you may want to consider adding wood to your ceilings. Wood is a great way to accent a room if you don’t want to add more natural colors.

You can stain the wood to create the shade you prefer to keep the natural look and texture of the wood. Or, if you have a color scheme, you can paint the wood with your selected color. 

5. Add an Accent Color

Adding an accent to your home is nothing new. Accent walls that are different from the rest of the room have been a feature in homes for years. By why not move that feature from the wall to the ceiling?

Use your tray ceiling to show off an accent in your room. Add an unexpected pop of color that’s different from the rest of the walls.

6. Painted Tiles

Another way to add a pattern to your ceiling is with tiles. You can use painted tiles to give a handmade look to the design. If you’re big on DIY, you can even paint the tiles yourself by using stencils to create a design.

Painted tiles will give a unique textured look to your space and help draw the attention up. Tiles on a tray ceiling are also great for adding an accent to architectural details.

7. Go Dark for a Cozier Look

As a rule of thumb, darker colors make a room look smaller, cozier, and more intimate. So, if you’re going for this kind of vibe in your space, consider painting your ceiling a dark shade like blue, black, green, or even red.

Use these darker shades on the ceiling for rooms you want an intimate feel in, like bedrooms or dining rooms. Not only will it be a unique detail, but it will contribute to the coziness.

8. Go Light for a Taller Ceiling

Conversely, a lighter color will make a room appear larger, giving an airy feel with taller ceilings. This is especially great if you want to accent tall ceilings, two-floor rooms, or even make a tight room feel bigger.

Try light blues, yellows, and neutral colors to make a taller ceiling. This is great for spaces you entertain in, like kitchens and dining rooms. However, you may also like to try it in bedrooms or an office for open and airy space.

9. Highlight a Design Feature

If a room has a design feature, you may want to use the ceiling to highlight it. This could be a unique lighting fixture, floor-to-ceiling windows, or a balcony. Paint only the part of the ceiling around or directed towards the design feature.

This highlighting will take the eyes directly to whatever detail you want to stand out. It’s also a great method to use if you don’t want to paint the whole season but want a pop of color.

10. Double Tray Details

With a double tray ceiling, you have double the opportunity to make a cool impression with color. You can try a variety of painting styles to make your ceiling stand out.

Paint the two tray ceilings two different colors. Paint the sides and leave the ceilings neutral. Go crazy with patterns by alternating colors to create a unique visual effect.

Tray Ceilings Painting Transformation and Inspiration

Take a look around your home. Does it have the stylish design of your dreams? Or could you do a few new renovations to create the home you’ve always wanted to live in?

You may consider a new paint color on your walls. But if you really want to make your home look professionally designed, then you should try one of these tray ceilings painting ideas to transform your room.

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